Welcome to George Bush's ... Fun Ranch?

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Courtesy The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Bush library design entry titled "Cruciform Plan"

Oh, joy -- our second George W. Bush Presidential Center item of the day. Only, in a good way. Because, see, The Chronicle of Higher Education, which asked readers to design the SMU facility as they'd like to see it, has posted 18 of the 120 entries in its design contest, and they possess such titles as "Bunker," "Hole in the Ground," "Solid-Void-Solid" and, a personal favorite, "Fun Ranch." Sadly, though, the Chronicle's Scott Carlson notes that the Bush edifice will be designed by Robert A.M. Stern. Nonetheless, feel free to vote for your fave at the Chron's site -- the winner gets an iTouch. Everyone else gets a Bush library. --Robert Wilonsky

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