Radiohead's Hitting the Shed

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So, as of three minutes ago, we know where and when Radiohead will play locally: at the Starplex Amphitheatre on May 18. (Fine, the Center -- like you'll ever call it that.) And, courtesy Radiohead's PR reps, we also know when tickets go on sale: this Thursday at Radiohead's online shop for them in need of pre-sale ducats. General online sales start Saturday. But, really, Starplex?

While you're waiting in virtual line, here's a taste of what's in store, courtesy Jools Holland (and Dead Flowers). --Robert Wilonsky

Update: For the 38 Friends who've already e-mailed to find out what time Thursday tickets will become available, Radiohead's NYC-based publicist is looking into it and has promised to get back to Unfair Park the moment she finds out, down to the split second. Take a deep breath. It'll be OK.

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