Ever Wonder Where Those Fire Trucks and Ambulances Are Headed?

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Today, a good Friend of Unfair Park sent along a most useful link to the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department Active Incidents Web site, where you can see an up-to-the-second listing of all the incidents to which local authorities are currently responding. Writes our Friend Chris, "It will show you what type of emergency is being responded to, the address, cross streets, the fire station #'s that have been assigned to the call, as well as a link to DCAD of the address of the incident."

It's especially helpful, he notes, when am ambulance tears down your street and stops a couple of houses down the block. "I just logged on and found out what was going on (without being a
nosy neighbor)," writes Chris. Uh-oh, though, don't like the sound of the "unconscious person" found at the corner of Walnut Hill and Strait lanes. --Robert Wilonsky

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