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On Christmas Eve, The New York Times noted that Dallas-based -- a spinoff aimed at coupling "independent-thinking, confident, diverse singles" -- was out to out as homophobic. (But only because it is?) Over the course of 2007, ran several ad campaigns mocking eHarmony's refusal to make a same-sex match and eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren's belief that premartial sex will, ya know, screw up your True Love connection down the road. eHarmony ain't amused with Chemistry, in the legal sense.

Today, is back at it with the results of a dating survey that says, ya know what, most Americans ain't got no problem with same-sex unions, none t'all. As in, "72% of singles agree that gay people fall in love the same way straight people do." While drunk at 1:34 a.m.? Please, try the veal. --Robert Wilonsky

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