Take a Picture Postcard, It'll Last Longer -- Especially in Teardown Dallas

A postcard of downtown Dallas, circa 1944

eBay's littered with vintage Dallas postcards, most going for a few bucks. There's also a Web site dedicated to postcards depicting Dallas as it looked in the early 1900s -- from the race track at Fair Park to the original 1901 Carnegie Library at the corner of Harwood and Commerce streets.

Now, some 140 of the hand-tinted postcards have been collected in a single book: Greetings from Dallas, a rather nifty pictorial history just out from Atglen, Pennsylvania-based Schiffer Publishing. Funny thing is, it wasn't compiled by a local, but a Maryland woman named Mary L. Martin, who runs "the nation's largest postcard show" every November in York, Pennsylvania. And proceeds from the sales of the book, she says, will go toward children's charities. --Robert Wilonsky

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