Pikahsso Will Make You Rethink How You Celebrate Your Birthday

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While we're on the subject of selfless good deeds, we really do need to mention how Pikahsso, of P.P.T., is planning on celebrating his birthday February 1: with a Help the Homeless Community Event & Birthday Party at Hal Samples' Space Studios on Main Street. Organizers are asking for "old shoes, clothes, hats and gloves," among other items, to be distributed locally.

Says one-third of the Dallas Observer Music Award-winning trio in his media release: “I was inspired to do this after noticing a cold homeless man with dirty clothing and horrible looking shoes after leaving a convenience store recently. I decided that instead of me receiving gifts for my birthday, I wanted to give the gift of warmth to the people society as a whole has turned their backs on.” More details forthcoming. --Robert Wilonsky

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