North Dallas To Get Medical Attention

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Ascension Group Architects
From the looks of this sketch, the new Forest Park Medical Center will be catering to luxury car-driving clientèle.

Looks like I missed this a couple of weeks back, but says today, four Dallas docs -- Richard Toussaint, Wade Barker, Robert Wyatt and Corazon Ramirez -- and Staubach Company will, in two weeks, break ground on a new $36.4-million, 30-acre medical complex in North Dallas. Which isn't especially newsworthy, except for the location: at North Central Expressway and Forest Lane, where, last I looked, Medical City Dallas is currently located. And it's just two exits north of Walnut Hill Lane and, ya know, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, well noted as the place of my birth.

No biggie, says Robert Wyatt (who, I'm gonna guess, is not the "Shipbuilding" songwriter): "That location for our hospital, as well as theirs, is a very central location to the main core of Dallas and the highway system," he tells A couple of days ago, the architect was announced -- Arlington-based Ascension Group Architects, which specializes in building hospitals and medical centers. Also of note: The spot's "considered to be the last premiere site inside the Interstate 635 loop." Oh, Gemini Drive-In ... --Robert Wilonsky

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