From a Former Dallas Rabbi Living in Israel, An Open Letter to President Bush

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In 1992, Stewart Weiss was the rabbi at Congregation Tiferet Israel on Hillcrest Road. He then picked up and moved his wife and six children to Israel -- specifically, to the town of Ra'anana, a suburb of Tel Aviv populated with English-speaking immigrants. Weiss went to Israel to run the Jewish Outreach Center, a sort of welcoming committee and education center for immigrants.

In the fall of 2002, Weiss' son Ari was serving in the Israeli army when he died in the West Bank; according to the Associated Press' account, he was shot and killed "while trying to help a wounded soldier during a clash with Palestinians." Here you will find several stories and remembrances prepared by The Jerusalem Post, where Stewart Weiss remains a columnist. Which brings me to the point of this post: Today, in advance of President Bush's first trip to Israel tomorrow, Weiss has penned in the Post an open letter to the president titled "From one Texan to another." --Robert Wilonsky

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