Ed Barks, Tracy Bites Back

Uncle Barky'd like for us to remind you to clear the calendar Saturday: It's time for the second live-to-hard-drive taping of the Uncle Barky Show at Stratos across the street from Bachman Lake, this time with the ain't-quite-retired Tracy Rowlett of KTVT-Channel 11. Show's at 4 p.m., and from all accounts, Ed's debut with KTCK-AM's morning-show-off Gordon Keith a few weeks back went swimmingly.

But Ed's not just trying to fill the joint with fans: Notes The Dean of Local TV Crit, "Here's the best part: A $500 donation will be made in Tracy's name to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. And that's a better cause than my Web site." Generous and self-deprecating; we're a match on Chemisty.com, far as I can tell. --Robert Wilonsky

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