And One More Piece of Dallas' History Turns to Rubble

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The McKinney Avenue Baptist Church stood on McKinney Avenue for 97 years. Then Saturday happened.

So, I leave town for three days, and this is what happens: The Hard Rock Cafe -- otherwise known as the former McKinney Avenue Baptist Church, built in 1910 -- is no more. Just one month ago, the building was for lease: $450,000 a year, clearly priced to tear down given news of yesterday's meeting of excavator and building. Don't say we didn't warn you. From April 2, 2007, after the Landmark Commission voted 7-4 against initiating proceedings that might have granted the building landmark designation and the attendant protection: "Well, you'd best get ready to say your goodbyes to the old Hard Rock Cafe, because it's most likely coming down after all."

For those interested in reading about a historic building that's now history, there's plenty here -- including the March 9, 2007, posting in which real-estate broker Jack Gosnell said buyer Brett Landes had no intention of tearing down the building and replacing it with a long-rumored CVS. Gosnell insisted Landes wanted to rent the building. But it appears now there were no takers. So they're taking it down, rock by hard rock. Charles Bulger would not be pleased. --Robert Wilonsky

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