Free Stuff Friday, Grab Bag Edition

Bedhead, just because they're mentioned somewhere in this mess of a blog item

A few desk-clearing items before heading out to meet Galaxy Quest's Missi Pyle at the Dallas Comic Con this weekend. Turns out, I have two tix to Art Garfunkel's Sunday-night show at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, complete with parking and The Club passes. (All right, settle down.) No hoops here -- first to post your desire for said ducats gets 'em. Also, the lovely and talented Candy Lancaster has dropped on my desk five Bourne Ultimatum DVDs. Same rules: First-come, first-served in the comments section -- if only so our Friends'll know when they've been beaten to the punch. No. 6, incidentally, gets this size-large promotional American Idol zip-up hoodie, for which I have very little use.

A couple of musical selections for your weekend iPodding: I see someone's kindly transferred to MP3 Bedhead's final vinyl offering: "Leper" off the 10-inch Lepidoptera. On the other end of the spectrum is this excellent recording of a 1972 Thanksgiving jam session, recorded at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, featuring Doug Sahm, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Leon Russell, among others. Also, I see Bernadette Peters is in town tonight and tomorrow at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, and I just thought it'd be nice to take an end-of-the-week listen to Meredith Louise Miller and Broose Dickinson's take on "Tonight You Belong To Me," off Miller's 1992 Bob. (Meredith, by the way, long ago moved to Austin -- and, from the looks of it, done got real smart.) Go. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Meredith Louise Miller and Broose Dickinson, "Tonight You Belong to Me" (from the 1992 album Bob)

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