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Seem to recall it wasn't so long ago that Dallas-based virtual advertising agency imc2 was recognized as a top-10 "digital agency" by Advertising Age. In May, the Dallas Business Journal ranked it as a pretty swell place to work, and only last week Adweek wrote a nice profile of the company, in which CEO Doug Levy celebrated the fact his agency wasn't tied to a larger parent firm: "The fact that we're independent is a huge bonus," he said.

Or it used to be: Yesterday, imc2 laid off more than two dozen employees, following the loss of a handful of clients. Unfair Park had heard from several sources that the number was around 50, but Samantha Keyes, imc2's director of marketing, says "that number is completely wrong. I don't even have an official number, but it's more like half that." She says she will answer our follow-up questions later today, after speaking to company executives and "gathering more facts." --Robert Wilonsky

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To Fake Fake D: My guess is they got a cease and desist letter from the imc2 lawyers. That much bad press had to have had something to do with the rebranding. I do miss the old comments. that being said I enjoyed my time at imc. Did some of the best work I've ever done there, won 15 or so national creative awards and made some life long friends. All in all there were a few good things to come out of those days and I'll always look upon them with a smile.


Where did the hundreds of comments go? This article and the comments from disaffected employees of imc2 over the years served as a great case study on poor human resource management practices and the potential impact of fostering a socially conscious corporate culture that did not accurately represent the company's business practices.In 2007, imc2 had approximately 120 employees in its New York office. With the most recent round of layoffs, that number will be 4. 

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