Ross for Less

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This is but one of Richard Ross' pieces available for purchase. We're thinking of buying 'em all, so act fast.

Yes, yes -- we know, Andrea left out some folks in her holiday-art suggestion round-up blog roll call howdee-do. Like Richard Ross, the Brutal Juicer who, this summer, had a one-night stand at Kettle Art down in the deepest of Ellum. And, yes, matter of fact, Richard does indeed have an online store, the address of which he keeps kind of hidden on his MySpace page: Just click here for a vast array of Ross originals, all of which go for the way too low, low price of ... $40? That can't be right, Richard.

Also, speaking of Kettle Art, on December 15 Frank Campagna's gallery will kick off its third annual Holiday Prescence show, where locals such as Josh Reames, Erica Felicella, Broose Dickinson, Ryan Thies, Issac Brown, Jayme Nourallah and many others will be selling their "original and affordable work" just in time for the holidays. --Robert Wilonsky

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