How Good Morning America Really Screwed Up Its Dallas Window

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This ridiculously small version of Justin Terveen's photo doesn't do it justice. A larger photo is available here.

Per a Friend of Unfair Park, this morning I checked out the forum on, where, in mid-November, Justin Terveen mentioned that a photograph of his had "been selected by the City of Dallas to represent big D this holiday season in a feature brought to you by the good folks at ABC." Terveen, whose work was mentioned here in September, goes by the moniker Ninjatune, and as his Flickr page reveals, he's become this city's most essential travel guide to places forgotten, ignored and unknown. His expansive shot of the city alone would have been majestic enough to marvel from Times Square.

Instead, of course, Brad Oldham went and buried the image beneath shiny, cheap-looking dollar-store distractions -- how Dallas, right. Good luck finding the picture in the Good Morning America display, which made its national bow yesterday. As Scott Dorn, another in the pack of local landscape photographers, pointed out early this morning on, "Justin, [your] photo was seriously altered I hardly recognize it." Which is why we're featuring it here, though shrunk down to fit the ridiculously narrow confines of Unfair Park. Terveen deserves better. --Robert Wilonsky

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