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Allison V. Smith

We live in the land of The Lodge and Candy Barr. There's no shortage of well known pussy associated with our fair city de one big ball, and our fame grows by the minute, courtesy Allison V. Smith. No, the respected local photojournalist hasn't ventured into the realm of pr0n, but she did make CuteOverload.com, where there's more puss available than ever there was on the old Club Uropa site.

If you're not a fan of Cute Overload, you should probably go ahead and end your miserable life right now, you helpless piece of physically embodied self-loathing. But if you are, you may have noticed this post about Kitty Wigs several days ago. And if you've met Allison V. Smith's lovely felines, Flash and Fern, you'd have recognized their beautiful feline faces, as Smith shot the company's promo photos. (That's Fern looking coy in the blond 'do.)

Smith e-mailed me about Kitty Wigs yesterday, and informed me that Dallas' very own Julie Jackson of Richardson is the brilliant mind behind them. Also, dream of dreams: "Anderson Cooper talked about Kitty Wigs on his show last night and showed the photos!" I think I'm going to get Whiskey the Silver Fox. According to the site, it's supposed to make him "feel sexy and smart." Rawr. --Andrea Grimes

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