Still Shooting It Out Over Rebecca Aguilar

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KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar -- gone, but not forgotten

Courtesy Uncle Barky, this morning we find over at the Poynter Institute an article wherein TV news directors and general managers from across the country debate -- long after the fact -- whether KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar acted properly when she interviewed James Walton in that Academy parking lot in October. Predictably, thoughts on the subject vary -- from, Aguilar was "polite" to the piece was "just appalling."

Speaking of, yesterday a Friend asked, "Hey, what happened to Rebecca? ... She still seems to be gone. I would have suspected that by now she would be back. Perhaps good riddance is in order?!!!:)" Dunno, because, as Uncle Barky points out, " Station management remains in lockdown on the matter, declining all comment. Both Aguilar and Fox4 have attorneys in play." So, yeah, this may take a while to play out. --Robert Wilonsky

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