A Dallas Best of '07 List, Seems Legit Enough

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The Club on Oak Lawn Avenue was one of Citysearch's best new restaurants of 2007 -- and we liked it too, pretty much.

A wise man once said, "Everybody loves lists." So here are four this morning, courtesy Citysearch, which today offers its Best of 2007 round-up, featuring the Top 10 new restaurants, new bars, "pizza shops" and wine bars.

Dallas' best new restaurant -- Esquire fave Fearing's, duh. Don't think it's fair that the top bar is Palladium Ballroom; it's not really "a bar," and it's certainly no Libertine, last year's top pick. Best, by far, is the readers' choice for best pizza joint, which has the best name for a pizza joint in the history of ever: Colleyville's Nick-N-Willy's Take and Bake. Suddenly, I have the munchies. The editorial pick was Fireside Pies. --Robert Wilonsky

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