What You're Missed When Rudy Giuliani Came to Town Last September

Categories: Politics
Brian Harkin
Fox News would like us to suppress our use of this photo of Rudy G. at Wild About Harry's. But Judith Reagan said it was OK.

Courtesy Damon Frazier of Plano-based Frazier Photography & Video, we've been invited to the September 8 Rudy Giuliani fund-raising shindig at Lombardo Custom Apparel on North Dallas Parkway. The video's long, but what a spectacle: Jay Lombardo's breathless intro of "the next best-dressed man in Washington, D.C.," Mayor Tom standing on the podium with arms folded, a big band serenading Roger Ailes' best friend with "New York, New York," a blessing from St. Joseph Catholic Church Monsignor Don Fischer and Rudy talking about the Texas Rangers and "the terrorist war against the United States" (which, far as I know, are not related in any way). And is it me, or does Lombardo refer to Mayor Tom as "Tom Lepperts," twice? --Robert Wilonsky

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