Uncle Milty Gets Down with Dallas Fed

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Dallas Fed CEO Richard Fisher and Milton Friedman discuss everything from globalization's impact to boxers vs. briefs.

Man, this is like The Basement Tapes of economics: Today, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas made available a never-before-released interview between the late Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman and Dallas Fed president and CEO Richard Fisher. Says the Dallas Fed's media release: "Friedman and Fisher discuss a myriad of topics, including globalization, China, the Federal Reserve, free trade, government spending and education reform." (Note to press-release scribe: When you use "myriad," you don't "a" and "of." Trust me. I know. Ask around.)

The interview is available here as a video, a podcast and as embeddable YouTube clips. They're still working on the coloring book and the action figures. But the soundtrack is currently available here. And it's awesome, no joke. --Robert Wilonsky

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