Turns Out, Unfair Park Ain't "Christian" Enough for Some Folks

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So, I had the bright idea to go out to Carrollton tomorrow for a sportsy column about Dallas’ Blue Angels, the only varsity football team of home-schooled students in the state of Texas. It’s their, um, homecoming? But now I’m not going. Why? Not invited. Not even allowed.

“We don’t think your audience is consistent with what we’re trying to do,” team administrator Deanna Morales said to me with what sounded like a straight face this morning. “We’re a Christian-based organization, with very conservative parents. So I think we’ll pass.”

How you say … how you say … narrow-minded? See, I was going to paint a positive picture about a courageous team in a cool, creative league. But now? I think I’ll just remind you and Morales that, surprise, I have been known to write columns about Christian-based sports organizations. So there. As for column Plan B, I wonder what time the naked touch football fund-raiser kicks off down at The Cherry Pit. --Richie Whitt

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