Success? Or Just Hoping for the Best?

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The New York Times this morning notes that the locally published Success magazine may be the most ironically named magazine in history, as it's never, ya know, really succeeded. Hard to believe: The small-bizzer mag's been around since 1891 (it was founded by this fella), and though you've probably never heard of it, it's changed hands repeatedly in recent years -- most recently, landing in the paws of Lake Dallas-based VideoPlus, a direct-marketing firm.

VideoPlus swears this times, things will be different -- as its "projecting 100,000 subscribers when it hits newsstands in March," reports The Times. Which is odd, since it only had 15,000 before its most recent shuttering. Oh, here's the media release announcing the "new" magazine -- though it doesn't bode well when the company posts an undated release ("Nov. TK, 2007") marked "DRAFT FOR REVIEW." --Robert Wilonsky

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