So Is the Knowledge Econony For or Against the Trinity River Toll Road?

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If you haven't read the rather even-handed coverage of tomorrow's Trinity River toll road vote in The New York Times today, here 'tis. Dig the headline: "Dallas to Vote on Remaking City." Wow, sounds important. But further down comes the money quote courtesy Harris Steinberg, executive director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Praxis design clinic:

"Waterfronts are really the playgrounds of the knowledge economy. This is what is going to attract the 20- and 30-somethings who will be the life blood of our future cities."
Waterfronts are really the playgrounds of the knowledge economy. Man, that is one catchy slogan. Too bad there ain't enough time for Angela Hunt to slap it on some placards and sexy baby doll tops. There's always 2017. --Robert Wilonsky

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