Philip Wuntch, Now "Film Critic Emeritus"

Philip Wuntch, seen here signing copies of his book Martin Jurow Seein’ Stars in 2003 at UTA

Well, well -- look who's back. After taking some time off, courtesy the Belo brain trust, former Dallas Morning News film critic Philip Wuntch makes his return to the dark side, reviewing the Coen Brothers' new No Country for Old Men and Sidney Lumet's Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. He's doing it for Pete Oppel's Web site -- Pete, of course, having been the entertainment editor at The Dallas Morning News who made Philip film critic in 1974.

"I asked him if he'd be willing to contribute, and he said he'd very much like to," Oppel tells Unfair Park about Wuntch's coming out of early retirement. "But it'll be up to him. He'll be working at his own pace. The man's retired, and he's earned the right to be retired. He's not going to studio screenings. He'll go to movies when he and the wife feel like it, and he'll write about whatever strikes his fancy. And it's all-volunteer, so I can't ask anything more than that." --Robert Wilonsky

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