Peanuts, Worth More than Peanuts

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This Peanuts strip fetched a small fortune at auction last week; you can print this version for nothing.

Called it. After selling one of Charles Schulz's original Peanuts strips earlier this year for $77,675, Dallas-based auction house Heritage Auction Galleries obliterated that figure by nearly 40 thou with the iconic strip above. Heritage VP Ed Jaster reports that a few days ago, the April 10, 1955, strip -- featuring Charlie Brown, Pig-Pen and Schroeder playing baseball in a downpour -- went for $113,525, the most ever paid for a Peanuts original.

"We're extremely pleased to see that, even seven years after this beloved artist's death, interest in his work continues to increase among both experienced collectors and the general public," says Jaster in the Heritage media release. "Pleased" is another word for "commission." --Robert Wilonsky

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