Wow, Look, There's Another Eccentric Arts Magnet Graduate

Arts Magnet grad Elisa Jimenez -- easily the kookiest contestant on Project Runway in four seasons

I know, we all got a little tired of the Top Chef recaps. So we'll try something a little different for Project Runway, which kicked off last night with two locals: Urban Flower/Grange Hall's Jeffrey Marion Lee (described by one Friend of Unfair Park as "a very nice, down to earth, smart and funny guy") and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts grad Elisa Jimenez.

First, for a short, sharp summation of last night's ep -- during which Jimenez nearly got the boot for this beautiful monstrosity and Lee was barely seen -- I recommend local ad-bizzer "Irene Done," who maintains the NotBillable blog. Writes Irene, you knew Jimenez wasn't going to get Klummed because "she's beautiful and batshit." (I also recommend Project Rungay, just because.) Then another Friend recommends you play along with's Project Runway fantasy football somesuch. Oh, by the way, you do know who edits the show, right? No? Try this guy. Look familiar? --Robert Wilonsky

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