Oh, and She Loves Ya Like a Sister

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Fred Holston
Grimes' suggested headline for this farewell: "Wherein The Girl On Top Announces Her Plans To Go Down."

It is with both sadness and excitement that I announce to you, dear Friends, my impending departure from this fair city I have called home for the past two and a half years. This means also that my beloved/hated/apathetically regarded Girl On Top column will no longer grace the pages of the paper version of Unfair Park.

In January, I will be making the trek south to Austin, where I'm applying for graduate studies in socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Texas, so that my father can finally have tickets to the football games. In the meantime, tentative plans are to freelance, do a lot of stand-up comedy and drink copious amounts of Lone Star beer.

Don't feel bad, Dallas. I go through cities like I go through bottles of Yellow Tail. Let's go hard for the next month and kiss goodbye on January 5th at Club Dada, where I invite you all to join me in saying au revoir and getting real drunk. --Andrea Grimes

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