Now, That's the Holiday Spirit

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ABC News/Good Morning America
Rev. Rickie Rush and Isaac Booker appeared on ABC this morning.

The things you miss by not watching morning shows. Good Morning America today hosted Rev. Rickie Rush of the Inspiring Body of Christ Church on South Westmoreland Road. And he was joined by a congregant, Isaac Booker.

And, yes, theirs is an inspirational holiday tale: Booker had broken into the church, stole $3,000 in cash and a small fortune's worth of jewelry -- including watches donated by church member and Dallas Cowboy safety Roy Williams -- only to repent when Booker heard Rush tell the parable of the prodigal son over the radio. He returned the stolen loot and apologized to the congregation during services last weekend. "I needed to be accountable," Booker said on the ABC show this morning. "I've never been accountable in my entire life." --Robert Wilonsky

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