Uh, Jim, You Actually Called Mayor Tom a "Lackey" on TV Last Night

Categories: Schutze
Jim now says he was "ill" during Tracy Rowlett's visit two weeks ago. So that explains it...

So Tracy Rowlett did in fact use our interview on his weekly “Perspectives” mini-show last night. I liked the piece very much, mostly because it gave me an opportunity to call Mayor Tom Leppert a flunky on TV.

I do, indeed, look like crap in the piece, as earlier Unfair Park items had predicted I would. That is because I was very ill that day, and yet I rose from my sickbed -- possibly my deathbed, for all I knew at the time -- in order to come into the Observer’s offices and call Tom Leppert a flunky on TV. It’s something I would gladly come back from the grave to do. --Jim Schutze

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