Intelligent Design for Living

William Dembski believes in intelligent design, and who am I to knock him? I used to think there really were Vulcans.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the intelligent-designer who has everything? Fret not, as Dallas-based Foundation for Thought and Ethics this week unleashes mathematician William Dembski and biologist Jonathan Wells' book The Design of Life. Says Dembeski in the media release announcing the title's publication: "The Design of Life shows why the better arguments and stronger evidence are now on the intelligent design side.” Oh-kay.

And while I will not buy the title, as I've already used my monthly book allowance on comics and porn, I'll certainly be happy to give it a whirl, should Aaron Cook at TimePiece PR & Marketing shoot me a copy. I mean, $35? I'm too intelligently designed to fork over that much scratch. But, no kiddin', if Dembski, who seems like a pretty thoughtful and reasonable and good-humored fellow, is good enough for Jon Stewart, well, who am I to argue? It's not like I'm a monkey, goddamnit. --Robert Wilonsky

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