Dallas' Project Runway Unwinner, Jeffrey Marion Lee, Shoulda Played it Safe. And Wearable.

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Jeffrey Marion Lee, at left, with the dress that got him kicked off the Runway last week

As we didn't post on Thursday, which was some kind of a holiday, we didn't get to mention that Project Runway is short one Dallasite: Grange Hall/Urban Flower's Jeffrey Marion Lee, who was sent packing after he failed to impress Very Special Guest Sarah Jessica Parker with this mess of a dress.

Lee today gives an exit interview to TV Guide's Web site, in which he second-guesses his design ("Looking back I would have made a much safer, wearable, basic dress, and I think I would still be on the show"), laments his quick adios from the runaway franchise ("It's really jolting to be kicked off, and you can't forget about it") and picks a winner ("I think Rami will definitely win"). --Robert Wilonsky

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