Dallas Gets Its Toys! More or Less.

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On Tuesday, as expected, the Toy Industry Association decided whether or not to keep its mammoth Fall Toy Preview show in Dallas. And the answer is: Yes, absolutely. At least, the TIA will keep its annual shindig at Dallas Market Center through 2010, after which time it will again decide whether the move should be more long-term than temporary. Says the TIA's release: "The Trade Show Committee said that TIA will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the Dallas location to be sure that it meets the industry’s needs." In other words: We're on probation.

Nonetheless, says TIA prez Carter Keithley, "We are thrilled to confirm Dallas as the location of the Fall Toy Preview for the next three years. This is a pivotal event that serves such an important retail segment.” Christmas just came early for Orlando-based CNL Income Properties, which actually owns Dallas Market Center after buying it for $250 million from Crow Holdings in February 2005. Still, though. --Robert Wilonsky

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