Amsterdam Bar, Not Damned

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Brian Harkin
Local music fixture John Freeman, at bottom far right, was among the 100 or so folks who attended today's City Plan Commission hearing.

So, at least one bar's safe for the moment: The Amsterdam Bar, among a handful still left on the City Plan Commission's to-do list this long afternoon. And it would be surprising if the remainder of the venues on today's agenda -- among them Club Dada, Double Wide and Fallout Lounge -- were denied their specific use permits. That said, nothing is a given: The city staff recommended the commission approve Monkey Bar's SUP application, and you saw below how that turned out.

"Who in their right mind would open a bar in Deep Ellum right now?" says Gerald Stogsdill, owner of the Monkey Bar. "Even if you get one, the SUPs are only good for two years. So who would want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in a place when one neighbor can complain and shut a bar down? But if the people of Dallas don't want a bar or live-music venue, this is what they'll get: nothing." --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Club Dada did indeed get its SUP approved -- and not for two years, either, but for five. Also approved: The Bone (which got three years), Darkside Lounge, Elm St. Bar, Fallout Lounge and Double Wide. Like I said, no surprises there.

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