No Blacks Allowed, But Dicks Welcome

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You did see how Dick and Lynne Cheney dressed their dogs for Halloween, right? Seriously. Any more questions?

A Friend of Unfair Park makes an interesting point this morning, concerning Dick and Lynne Cheney's Friday-afternoon pit stop. Following the veep's speech at the World Affairs Council luncheon at the Hyatt Regency, they went back to their old Highland Park stomping grounds for a little meet-and-greet with the local gentry:

Lynne held a book signing at the Dallas Country Club, one of the last country clubs that excludes blacks and Jews. Welcome to the 1950s, and the Cheneys get a pass.

Guess since the book is "Cheney's memoir of her childhood in Casper, Wyoming," she wanted to capture that all-white experience she grew up with. And Cheney as a congressman was one of the few to vote against the MLK holiday.

Yeah, but it ain't like the Cheneys are running for Dallas mayor, right? Right on. --Robert Wilonsky

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