What's Wrong With This Picture?

Categories: Politics
Yes, we know -- this picture's out-of-focus. Thanks. Not our fault. Neither is the defacing, by the way. Swear.

Jim Schutze can’t account for his whereabouts 30 minutes ago, which is interesting, because right around that time, someone vandalized some Vote No! Save the Trinity signs at two early voting locations. Happened at the Samuel-Grand Recreation Center on Grand Avenue and the Reverchon Park Recreation Center on Maple Avenue -- the latter, just a block away from Unfair Park HQ.

Reports "Vote No!" spokeswoman Becky Mayad, who sent the blurry photo above, someone changed the slogan “Save the Trinity” to “Pave the Trinity.” Now, if this were the Henry Wade era, we’d have enough evidence to convict. But word has it Mayor Tom Leppert has coolly defaced a slew of TrinityVote signs to read: “Get their park out of our toll road!” --Matt Pulle

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