How Lowe Can Dallas Movie Go?

Rob Lowe's allegedly been added to the Dallas cast. Can Ally Sheedy be far behind?

They just won't give up. It's been months since we've mentioned that left-for-dead Dallas movie, which was scheduled to be shot around these parts in November till a new director and new writers were brought in for yet another do-over. But there's, ahem, new news, courtesy Dallas-based movie site Cinema Blend, where Josh Tyler offers several, ahem, scoops -- namely, that Rob Lowe and Lost's Matthew Fox have been added to the cast as, respectively, Cliff Barnes and Bobby Ewing. They'll join the decidedly B-list of actors recently affixed to the project: James Brolin, Diane Ladd, Minka Kelly, Julie Benz, Kevin Conway, Katie Cassidy and Paul Logan. Oh, and John Travolta.

As for the story, reports Tyler's scooper: “The film will deal generally with the introduction of Pamela Barnes into the Ewing family. The script is based mainly on the episode 'Digger's Daughter' with also some elements of the 'Election' and 'Spy in the House' episode." OK, then. But it gets better: Original Dallas writers are working on yet another made-for-TV reunion movie, if they can get the old gang back together. Here's hoping... --Robert Wilonsky

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