Do Dallas Men Need Personal Shoppers? The Trunk Club Thinks So.

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Joanna Van Vleck, left, and Brie Chapman want you to shop till they drop.

Men, do you love clothes but hate to shop? Are you stylish but lazy? Would you just prefer to have a couple of women do your shopping -- by which I mean, of course, women to whom you aren't married or related? If your answer is a resounding yup-yup, and you've got coin to burn in your cargo shorts, then Joanna Van Vleck and Brie Chapman have a swellegant idea for you: The Trunk Club, which bills itself as "a private men's clothing club that provides access to men's clothing, accessories, and must-haves from all over the world." And all you have to do to get access to these items is pay a membership fee and have a phone. Easy as that.

At the moment, the service isn't available in Dallas ... not yet. Right now, the twosome serve some 85 dudes in picturesque Bend, Oregon. But this afternoon, reports that Van Vleck (who is yawning so wide you can look down his neck ... no, wait) and Chapman are at this very moment raising the dough-re-mi to bring their bidness here: "Having proven the model, they’re now looking for capital to expand quickly into a selection of major markets: Portland and Dallas now, others very soon." If nothing else, my wife'll be thrilled. --Robert Wilonsky

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