Brian Potashnik Says Charges Are "Unfair and Cruel"

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In February, Brian Potashnik, at left, attended the opening of Southwest Housing Development's senior citizens apartment complex in San Antonio.

Brian Potashnik, president of low-income housing builder Southwest Housing Development, has issued a statement concerning his being one of the 14 indicted this morning in the feds' City Hall corruption investigation:

"Despite 27 months of cooperation, the prosecutors have brought unfair and cruel charges against me, my 73 year old father and my wife, the mother of our two young sons."

"As we begin this fight to prove our innocence, we ask for people to wait for the facts and give us the benefit of the doubt we have worked so hard to earn."

That's via his attorneys, incidentally.

Oh, and this story's already drawn the attention of the right-wing fringe-fondlers -- by which I mean Michelle Malkin, who's already using the indictments to make her case o' crazy that all liberals are, yawn, corrupt. --Robert Wilonsky

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