A New Man Law: Pullin' Up Your Pants

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Neither of these Web sites actually work, but who has time to write down the URLs while driving, anyway?

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway's campaign to get Dallas to pull up its pants made it to National Public Radio; so too did Dooney Da Priest, whose "Pull Your Pants Up" has become the anthem of the anti-saggin' movement. Says Caraway of the campaign: "The No. 1 mission is very simple: pulling up your pants. ... We don't want to throw folks in jail because they wear their pants low. So we're going to make it man's law and not city law."

Good timing for all involved: The city's set to debut a handful of new billboards today, among them ones reading, "Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself” and “That’s Not Hip-Hop That’s Flip Flop.” Dooney will get his own billboards as well, courtesy Clear Channel. --Robert Wilonsky

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