Who Paid for Your Politics?

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Our friends over at Austin-based Texans for Public Justice sent word this a.m. they've just unleashed to the Interwebs an online report titled, bwah-haw-haw, Money in PoliTex, which, they promise, "analyzes the $158 million in campaign funds raised by 378 candidates for major statewide offices and the Texas Legislature." (I love the footnote in the introduction that says, yes, this includes Kinky Friedman -- and why wouldn't it?)

I've yet to read the whole thing, but as I am obsessed with lists of rich Dallasites, I couldn't help but notice we've locked up five of the Top 10 contributors in the state: Fred & Lisa Baron ($2,100,821), George & Amanda Ryan ($1,390,354), T. Boone Pickens ($1,206,348), Harold Simmons ($1,129,400) and David & Martha Alameel ($766,300). Pride, that's what this feeling is called. --Robert Wilonsky

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