Poli-teed Off

Categories: Fashion

There are things Mom told you not to talk about in social settings, like religion, politics and your sex life. A new Richardson-based T-shirt company wants to jump-start provocative conversations. Politeed sells tees imprinted with questions sure to set fire to your hottest buttons, among them race, global warming, illegal immigration, abortion, war in Iraq, gay rights and foreign policy. Some of these T-shirts might get you decked in certain quarters, so be careful in the line at the grocery store.

The company plans to add questions on issues such as stem cell and cancer research, health care and education; sounds ... fashionable? The shirts sell for $28.95. Unfortunately, the T-shirts don’t have answers on the backs. And they have forgotten a pretty fundamental tee: Do I really care what you think? --Glenna Whitley

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