One Door Closes...

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That did not take long: The Door has moved into its new home at Main Street and Good Latimer Expressway, in the space formerly occupied by the Gypsy Tea Room. Had to: As the all-ages club's Web site notes: "We did not want to move but our former building is being bulldozed to make way for condos."

Well, make that past tense -- as in, the sucker's done been bulldozed. Over at the Dallas Fort Worth Urban Forum, we get word that the Door's old home at Elm and S. Hall streets has already been razed -- like, oh, mere hours ago. "That happened out of nowhere," writes one Lionel Hutz, heh. "I hope this is not the harbinger of the end of historic Deep Ellum," writes Lakewooder. Um... --Robert Wilonsky

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