Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones Are Powerful. Tom Hicks, Not S'Much.

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Mark Cuban's left butt cheek is attached to the 50th most-powerful person in the sports world.

The new issue of Business Week ranks the top 100 playas in the sports world -- and guess which local ranks highest. C'mon. Just one guess. Fine -- it's the guy currently showing his tushy on Dancing With the Stars, who comes in at No. 50 on the list -- behind the likes of, oh, NFL commish Roger Goodell (tops), Tiger Woods, A-Rod and anti-doping copper Dick Pound, with whom I share my high-school nickname.

Dallas Cowboys (and Dallas Desperados) owner Jerry Jones is just three spots below Mark Cuban -- and Jerry's probably more than a little surprised, given his billion-dollar bonanza going up in Arlington gets him the most valuable franchise in the National Football League. But you know who's probably more than a little stunned he couldn't make the same list as Yao Ming, WNBA president Donna Orender, Tony Hawk and Arnold Palmer? Tom Hicks, most likely -- because, apparently, owning the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars ain't enough to make you as powerful as a guy with an NFL and arena-league team. Or maybe Business Week and list-producing partner ESPN the Magazine just felt like you gotta earn your way into the rankings. In short: Prove it, Tom. Prove it hard. --Robert Wilonsky

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