Former Observer Managing Editor Has A New Book Out. Again.

Emily Benedek takes a much nicer publicity photo than Patrick "Buzz" Williams.

In Former Dallas Observer Managing Editor News, Emily Benedek's new book -- her fourth, nice -- goes on sale this week. Titled Red Sea, it's partially based on research Emily accrued during her tailing a Fort Worth-based FBI special agent in counterterrorism for, get this, an article in Glamour. Why Glamour? Because the agent happens to be a woman: Jennifer Coffindaffer, who worked counterterrorism at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and now works as an FBI special agent in Fort Worth specializing in gang-related activities. "She can do straight-arm pull-ups with 25 pounds tied around her waist, and she's a tiny little thing," Emily tells Unfair Park from her home in NYC.

There's no character in Red Sea based on Coffindaffer, but there is one based on another Fort Worth-based special agent and "harmonica-playing bomb tech who lives with four wolf dogs," Emily says. She doesn't wanna give away his real name, but in the book he goes by Morgan Ensley, who's one of three heroes in the book. "He and his SEAL buddies prevent disaster in the Port of New York," Emily says. Jesus, maybe I oughta read this thing after all. --Robert Wilonsky

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