Bryce Got Next

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Brian Harkin
Bryce Avary at the Granada Theater a few months back, looking an awful lot like Rhett Miller ...

Good news for anyone (and everyone, it seems) familiar with Bryce Avary, aka The Rocket Summer. Colleyville's most famous panty-dropper and writer of catchy pop-rock tunes has won the most recent Yahoo!Music "Who's Next?" contest, wherein fans vote for shit they like. And fans like Bryce. Partly because he's a talented guy who plays every instrument on his record, and partly because he's, like, dreamy.

There's some kind of horn solo in the middle of The Rocket Summer's hit, "So Much Love," which I have to admit is a little unnerving. But I hear it has a melting effect on teenage girls' hearts, causing them to swoon and pant and such. Of course, if they'd just let She-Dick do a DISD middle school gym tour, the same thing would probably happen … in my heart. --Andrea Grimes

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