U2 Can Revisit Bono's 1983 Visit to the Rock and Roll Alternative

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No doubt the great George Gimarc has this interview somewhere amongst his Charles Foster Kane-like collection of all things Dallas radio. But yesterday someone posted to U2 Interview Archive a 1983 sitdown featuring Gimarc and U2 frontman Bono -- and Mike Peters of The Alarm, who wisely bows out once Bono sits down.

It was taped for the KZEW-FM's old Sunday-night show Rock and Roll Alternative, which anyone who grew up here recalls as The Greatest Radio Show Ever -- at least, if you craved something other than Boston, Kansas and Journey, even if you didn't know it at the time. In conjunction with the Alarm-U2 show at the Bronco Bowl -- Best. Concert. Ever. -- George and Bono talk about a bunch o' things during their time together, including Tom Snyder, old demos, the new album (War, in this case), the US Festival, etc; an entire transcript of the 30-minute chat's here, should you want to follow along or, I dunno, role play. But one of the highlights is the self-described "yokel in the small boondocks up in Wichita Falls" having to explain to Bono what a "yokel" is. --Robert Wilonsky

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