Troy Aikman Slept Here! You Can Too!

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This is at least one of the rooms in Troy Aikman's for-sale home in which the QB went long, deep.

If you’re a pasty, doughy dork, you could use the fortune ransacked from the couch cushions to monopolize Madden ’08. Or, if you’re true blue Cowboys fan, you can live with Troy Aikman -- or, at least, you can live where he used to live.

The Hall of Fame quarterback and all-around great guy has moved to Highland Park, and his old digs in Plano are up for sale. For a cool $4 mil you can enjoy his 10,000-square feet, six-bedroom, six-fireplace, six-car garage mansion that backs up to Glen Eagles Country Club and almost assuredly smells of rich mahogany. When you buy it, though, please answer for us the burning question: Are the bricks on his house really ACME? --Richie Whitt

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