Some Final Friday Kernels of Korn

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We're pretty sure this is Dallas boy Zac Baird, who's currently playing keybs in Korn. Like, his nickname is Horse, of course, of course.

Some housecleaning before the weekend:

Jeff "Cottonmouth, TX" Liles writes in to remind us that Zac Baird -- the homegrown keyboardist who's played with the likes of Billygoat, Whitey, Edie Brickell, Colin Hay, Hairy Apes BMX and, hey, Cottonmouth, Texas -- is in town at the moment. And, no, the Arts Magnet grad isn't just visiting his folks, who still live here, but playing with some band called Korn at the Smirnoff Music Centre as part of the Family Values Tour. Whitey -- jeez, that's the 14th time that band's name has come up this week...

One of our sistah papahs, the Houston Press, has on its blog a podcast chit-chat with Dallas author Harry Hunsicker, who discusses writing "stand-alone" books in the wake of his third Lee Henry Oswald thrillah, the just-released Crosshairs. Why don't we podcast? Because no one here sounds as NPR as the Press' Olivia Flores Alvarez...

And here's some video from Wednesday night's Mom show at the Granada, which Noah plugged earlier this week. A nice way to ease into the weekend. --Robert Wilonsky

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