One Local Attorney Says You Might Not Wanna Hack Your iPhone Just Yet

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So, here's the Web site containing all the info you'll need to hack your iPhone. Only, not so fast, says one local attorney interviewed today by Computerworld, which is trying to figure out whether the modifications violate the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

"It's an extremely grey [area], because I don't think the exemption was altogether clear," said Bart Showalter, an [intellectual property] attorney at Baker Botts LLP in Dallas. "The idea of trying to use copyright to, in a sense, establish exclusivity in a service contract ... is going to be an interesting thing to watch."
In related news, my Treo 650's touchscreen no longer works, and if it resets itself one more time in the middle of a call, I am resetting it out the car window. --Robert Wilonsky

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