How Much More Evidence Do You Need?

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After we posted Avi Adelman's much-commented-on short film yesterday, we got an e-mail from Allen Gwinn, who wanted to know whether we'd seen the video he posted to on Saturday. Not at the time, but we have now: It's a clip from some surveillance footage provided by a woman named "Cindy," and in it she's seen working on some artwork in the driveway behind her Lake Highland residence. After she goes in the house, through her garage, a car pulls into the alley, and two men get out and walk into the garage, where they begin stealing unidentifiable equipment.

"Cindy" claims the police detective who took the report was initially excited about having the tape as evidence, but his enthusiasm soon turned to disinterest:

[The detective told me that the] video doesn't really help," Cindy said, "he said 'we really need names'." Cindy went on to explain that the detective complained about his workload. "He told me that there were over 300 burglaries [in the area] and they only have 3 detectives," she said.
According to Doug Woodham, who's the head of the crime watch for the Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood Association, "the area has averaged 1.5 break-ins a week since May 15," reports Gwinn. Needless to say, residents aren't thrilled. --Robert Wilonsky

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