Dallas Bishop Stanton Not Fond of Chicago's Gay Ol' Finalist

Categories: Religion
Bishop James Stanton, who is not a lesbian

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting this morning that Rev. Tracey Lind -- a lesbian priest -- is among the finalists for bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. Also being considered are two other women -- and this is the first time even one has been on the list of finalists. Only, there's somebody very close to home who's very opposed to Lind's even being considered for the gig:

Bishop James Stanton of Dallas, a catalyst in the global effort against gay bishops, called Lind's nomination distressing.

"It's an action that says Chicago really doesn't care what the rest of the Anglican Communion says," he told the Sun-Times.

Sounds familiar. Of course, the comments section is now open. No shoving. --Robert Wilonsky

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